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In-House SEO vs. Outsourced SEO

If you’re a business owner, or business manager then you’re no stranger to search engine

Reputation SEO™

Sometimes, things just have to go… Finding unflattering information at the forefront of Google

Google June Broad Core Algorithm Update is Live

Google June 2021 core update is live – here is everything we see so far with this update https:

VIDEO: How to find, mitigate and repair the common WordPress SEO Spam Injection Hack

Hey everyone, it’s Sean Hakes here again. Yesterday I ran across a website that at first glance, lo

What is Reverse SEO™?

Reverse SEO™ is just as it sounds. It’s the proprietary process of suppressing unwanted websi

Ten States Sue Google

Ten states have brought a lawsuit against Google, accusing the search giant of “anti-competitive co

Did Your Google Rankings Recently Tank? Here’s why

If your website tanked in Google, specifically around December 4th then you’ve likely been hit

What is a Recycled Lead?

Have you ever purchased then immediately contacted a lead from on of the big lead generation provider

Rent A Website™ How to Make Money Ranking and Renting Websites – Part I

One of my favorite passive income sources is ‘rank & rent’ websites. I created the Re

Can Negative SEO Work for Reputation Management?

Negative SEO, typically is a process that involves building tens of thousands of spammy links to a pa

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