About Sean

About Sean

It’s rare you get to hire someone that’s known an industry since its earliest days, but that’s the type of experience Sean Hakes and his team of search engine optimization experts bring to the table. Sean’s success comes in the types of services offered, experience, transparency, and proven success.


Sean’s decades of experience give him a leg-up on the competition. Sean has grown with the industry and knows the right tools inexperienced hands can breed positive results for any SEO campaign.

Sean has worked on both hyperlocal targeted SEO campaigns for small businesses and nationwide SEO campaigns for a variety of clients. No matter what your needs are, Sean has the experience it takes to get the job done the right way.

Services Offered by Sean Hakes

Sean has helped pioneer both search engine optimization and online reputation management practices and is experienced in several services and specialties. Sean’s expertise includes:

  • Drafting and executing small to nationwide SEO campaigns
  • Reputation SEO and online reputation management
  • Online crisis management
  • Online reputation litigation
  • Transparency and results
  • SEO training and development
  • SEO expert witness in U.S. District Court

The SEO industry is still young in many ways, and up and coming shady companies prey on lack of knowledge and unfamiliarity with the industry. If your website jumps from the fourth page to the top of the front page overnight, it may seem like a success, but this type of jump means your company is likely using illegal tactics. SEO is not about results only but results with transparency.

Sean believes in transparency in every step of the SEO process and allows his clients to see what’s been achieved and what was done did to achieve it. This transparency steps up the level of customer service and assures you there are no “black-hat” tactics that will get your site in trouble down the road.

Sean has become one of the more successful SEO stories due to his experience in multiple online fields, the variety of clients he’s served, the success of those clients, and transparency the whole way. If you’re looking for the best all-around help for your website or your online reputation, give Sean a call today.