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An Interesting Conversation with an SEO Marketing Manager

Several weeks ago I got the following message on LinkedIn from a gentleman by the name of Bob:

“Hello there, my name is Bob and I represent one of the top Local SEO’s in the USA and he happens to be close by to you, so I thought maybe you’d be open to networking and sharing referrals? Add me for more information. “

I responded with

“Hey Bob, always interested in connecting with other SEOs. Thanks”

Bob responded with

“Sean, I’m not sure what happened. I didn’t realize you were an SEO as well. Anyway we don’t network with other SEOs. We’re in a league of our own and we don’t mesh with the 98% of the world who does paid ads, blogging and social media and claims that’s SEO. We have our own codes and our own links that make us entirely unique.”

I got a kick out of his response which prompted me to check his company out. I wanted to see what really made them ‘entirely unique.’ Spoiler alert, it wasn’t much… A league of his own? Sure… you could say that 😉

Here’s what I learned:

iRank Fast

According to, Bob’s company doesn’t really rank at all. So, hopefully, his company’s ‘unique’ process isn’t a reflection of their work on their own website. I went on to dive into their link portfolio and found that they link from their client’s websites (a big no-no), some Russian forum spam, some .edu spam among other links. These are the type of sales practices that leave business owners frustrated with the SEO world. Here’s a tip that will save you a ton of time, and money:

If an SEO can’t rank themselves, how do you expect them to do the same for you?

Don’t let a bad SEO spoil your business. I’ll help you get up to 3 quotes for reputable local SEO’s, just contact me.

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  1. hipcraft October 23, 2017 at 2:27 pm - Reply

    WOW lol They’re in a “league of their own”! Shysters, man…

    Something I think continues to plague the SEO world is the perceived information asymmetry ‘advantage’ that some SEOs feel they possess due to getting lucky with one tactic in a specific market. There is obviously difference tactics that can be applied to different markets and for different purposes (e.g. affiliate SEO, local SEO, etc), but when it comes to client SEO, yeah, most SEOs should be opting for white hat practices, in most cases.

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