Boat & RV Dealership Marketing

Boats and RVs have very similar customers. Typically, they are customers who have expendable income and time. The demographics fro RV and Boat customers are also typically, self-employed.

In business they always say do what you’re passionate about. The Sean+Hakes team are RVers and Boaters alike. We understand your customer, because we are your customer!

Turn Lookers Into Buyers

When it comes to selling high purchase items like boats and RVs there are a lot of marketing tactics that come into play to help you separate yourself from the competition.

  1. Brand Messaging: RV and Boat buyers want to know they are making the best finical decision for their needs. As an expert in boats or RVs, it’s your job to know your product and help your buyers make the best decision while showcasing your expertise in the marketplace.
  2. Search Engine Optimization: Unlike Google Ads, SEO is a marathon. We will help you ensure your online visibility is maximized for years to come resulting in a never-ending slew of leads.
  3. Google Ads: Google Ads are a sprint. If you require customers now, this is a great way to go. Sean+Hakes will help you build and manage your Google Ads campaign for a minimal fee.
  4. Social Media Marketing: Social Media is a powerful way to attract new customers and reach and cater to your existing client base. It’s a fantastic option to showcase your expertise, tell your story, and build your brand.
  5. YouTube Marketing: With over 2 billion YouTube members globally, 80% of marketers agree YouTube is the perfect medium to grow your business. At Sean+Hakes, we will help you with channel creation, branding, messaging, video production, and channel optimization.

If you’re an RV or Boat Dealer – we can help you gain more visibility and stand out against your competition. Discover why more RV and Boat Dealers are switching to today.