SEO Consulting

The Search Engine optimization industry is rapidly becoming 75 billion dollar industry!

Because of that figure, more and more unqualified self-proclaimed “SEO experts” are likely costing businesses billions of dollars per year in lost revenue through the deployment of poorly executed search engine optimization campaigns.

Before you hire your next SEO partner, read this!

You might think that all SEO is alike. That statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Many years ago, getting ranked in Google was as simple as getting more inbound links than your competition. Today, a true SEO campaign requires in-depth technical knowledge of the underlying fundamentals of how a website functions combined with vast experience in content, writing, and earned links.

Did you know that your SEO partner could get you penalized for not following Google’s rules? 

Google has very specific guidelines when it comes to properly optimizing a website. If your SEO vendor refuses to tell you their ‘”secret sauce,” it’s most likely because they are breaking Google’s rules. With over 16 years of professional experience in all aspects of search engine optimization, and, as a federally appointed SEO expert witness in U.S. District Court, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re in great hands when it comes to managing your SEO vendor, and their process.

Digital Marketing Consultant Services

  • I manage your SEO vendor so you don’t have to! This ensures you’re getting what you’re paying for, and your SEO partner is actually delivering quality SEO services designed to help you grow, not fail.
  • I will review SEO vendor proposals, fee structures, and make sure they are in adherence to their own contracts.
  • I will conduct in-person, or phone interviews to recap monthly SEO campaign progress with your SEO vendor. I will take that information and give you guidance on their SEO efforts.
  • I will regularly audit their SEO strategies to ensure growth and adherence to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  • I will serve as an advocate for your business and make sure all efforts are in your best interest only.

Feeling motivated? Give me a call at 303-731-6588. Let’s schedule a time for coffee to discuss your needs, and your current situation.