Contractor Lead Generation

Sean offers powerful, affordable and in many cases, performance-based lead generation services for home improvement contractors around the United States.

Rent A Website™

At, we own, operate, and maintain thousands of lead generation websites designed for contractors who want a ‘no risk’ lead generation option.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: builds & optimizes lead generation websites.

Step 2: markets the website through Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Social Media, and other channels to drive exclusive leads to the advertiser.

Step 3: Get Verifiable Leads!

How much does a Rent A Website™ cost?

The Rent A Website™ program is performance-based which means you don’t pay unless we generate business for you!

Payment Options:

  1. Pay by the lead: With this option, you only pay when a verified lead is sent to you via email, text message, or by phone call. The individual lead rate varies by industry and market. Each lead is EXCLUSIVE meaning, leads are not resold or re-marketed.
  2. Flat Rate: Before the campaign starts we negotiate a flat-rate fee. This fee remains the same whether you get one, or a thousand leads. This structure is often less expensive per lead as the campaign grows.


With Rent A Website there is absolutely NO RISK! Lead generation services are rendered month-to-month. If we’re not producing, then you don’t have to continue services but best of all, with our pay by the lead program you don’t pay unless we produce!

No minimums and you are NOT required to pre-pay for leads!