Online Crisis Management

Online Crisis Management

Your online reputation has never been more important than it is now, and when your reputation is attacked, or you’re experiencing an online crisis, you need to turn to crisis management experts to clear your name.

Why Clients Turn to Sean Hakes for Crisis Management

Sean Hakes is a pioneer in search engine optimization (SEO) and has been putting his SEO skills to work for clients who have been slandered, defamed, or attacked since 2001. Sean has helped celebrities, business owners, politicians, bloggers, and other personalities defeat online smear campaigns and reputation attacks through practical, reputable, and effective practices.

Taking the Right Approach to Online Crisis Management

Sean and his team know the right approach to take for online crisis management which involves several different tools and resources. Sean uses reverse SEO, positive content, client outreach, deindexing, link removal, and reputation litigation should your crisis make it into the courtroom. In extreme cases, Sean can act as a federal SEO expert witness in court.

Many crisis management firms will go after your case with old-fashioned press releases and traditional public relations technique that aren’t adapted to the modern internet reputation environment. When experiencing an online PR crisis its best to go with a team that has experience in both SEO and public relations.

The Mistake of Waiting

If your reputation is under attack, you need to act immediately. Online crisis management is different from managing traditional public relations since any false information or slander can proliferate quickly across the web. It doesn’t matter if the reputation attack is malicious or false – your reputation looks bad either way.

Schedule a Consultation

Head to the contact page or give the Sean Hakes Consulting team a call immediately if you’re experiencing your reputation crisis or online reputation management emergency. Sean and his team can sit down to you to determine the extent of damage, what is being said, what tools can be used to the right the situation, and any potential estimates or quotes.

Online crisis management has become serious business, and you need an experienced team to guide you through cleaning your name out of the mud. If you or your reputation has been unfairly attacked online and you’re experiencing a crisis call Sean and his team right now to see what they can do for you.