Defamation Defense

Clients come to me on a regular basis after being unfairly attacked online

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Reputations of prominent business leaders, celebrities, politicians, public figures and individuals alike are constantly at steak. Whether you’ve been accused of something, have an ex-employee who’s on the attack, or have recently been in bad fortune and need your name cleared up, I can help.

While there are a lot of self-proclaimed ‘reputation management’ experts, you won’t find any like me. Since 2001 I’ve owned and operated 3 technical SEO firms who’ve been dedicated to understanding how Google interprets signals and drastically improving search engine visibility for clients. Additionally, I’m an appointed SEO Expert Witness in U.S. District Court and have offered testimony on various high-profile, technical search engine optimization cases.

If you’re looking to take control of your search engine results – let’s talk. 


  • 16 Years in Reputation Promotion / Suppression  (via Search & Social)
  • Federally Appointed SEO Expert Witness
  • Proven ‘Reverse SEO’ strategies
  • Current Founder & CEO of Altitude SEO.


  • Those who have been attacked by an ex-employee/contractor online
  • Those who have been attacked by competitors
  • Those who have been attacked by the media
  • Those who have been attacked by anyone online who is out to discredit, or destroy your reputation.


Repairing one’s reputation in search engines like Google goes far beyond subscription services & monitoring. In order to achieve best results, you must first have a deep understanding of the various products that make up Google’s search engine result pages (i.e. Google MyBusiness, Google Organic, Google Images, Google Knowledge Graph etc…) as well as understand what it takes to change them.

Essentially, there are two types of core services I provide:

  • Reputation SEO – Don’t let this term confuse you with reputation management. Reputation SEO employs the same tactics as one would use to promote their business with one exception; we target multiple ‘positive’ web pages designed to push down the negative results, and untimely control your name/brand.
  • Reverse SEO – Reverse SEO is one of the newest, most effective ways to get a website removed from Google’s search engine result pages. In order to achieve removal, we simulate a legitimate ‘SEO campaign’ that violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. We’ve been able to successfully get defamatory web pages removed from Google’s index deploying this tactic.
  • Legal Action – In some cases, taking legal action can be more effective in both price, and action. The Sean Hakes team has partnered up with proven defamation defense attorney’s who specialize in quick removal from defamatory remarks from the internet. During our initial case analysis we will provide you with both information on supression, reverse SEO as well as may refer you to one of our legal partners for further evluation.

Additional Expertise:

  • Google Image Search – Do you have images that show up in Google images that you can’t get removed and want to be suppressed?  I use proven methods that optimize Google’s image result pages allowing you to control which images are present for your name/brand/business.
  • Google Knowledge Graph – The Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base used by Google to enhance (or destroy one’s reputation) its search engine’s search results with semantic-search information gathered from a wide variety of source. In Google Knowledge Graph, Google picks up bits of information from around the web and creates a highly visible profile that can show things like who you’re married to, who your ex-spouses are, any past criminal activity, Wikipedia text and more.