Google Penalty Removal

Google Penalty Removal

If you or your search engine optimization company has violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and your rankings have plummeted, there’s a good chance that you may have an algorithmic, or even worse, a manual action penalty from Google.

Over the years, Google has evolved to show only the best search results to search engine users. Because of this, more and more individuals and SEO providers attempt to trick Google into thinking their clients should rank well through artificial links or other deceptive tactics described in their guidelines.

In today’s world of search engine optimization, Google’s highly sophisticated SEO spam detection techniques are finding websites to violate their guidelines, then smacking them with hefty penalties. Those penalties can range from reduced visibility to complete removal from Google’s index.

Google Algorithmic Penalty

Has your website suddenly lost its search engine rankings? If so, you may have an algorithmic penalty. Google has a highly sophisticated SEO spam detection filter built into their algorithm that is designed to find websites that violate their guidelines. If your website has an algorithmic action, we can help identify what triggered the action, clean it up, and remove the action while restoring your website rankings.

Google Manual Action

If your website has participated in highly-deceptive practices, such as buying links or tricked search engine users, Google may issue a manual action. Manual action is where someone from Google’s search quality team reviews your website, discovers the practice, and puts in place a manual action. Manual actions are typically the most strict Google penalties and require an in-depth penalty review, clean up, as well as filling a reconsideration request. If the Google Search Quality Analyst determines you have done everything you can to fix the violations, and show that you will never participate in the deceptive practices, they may at that time release the manual action. Once the manual action has been removed, it can still take months to restore your rankings.

Google Action from a Hack

One of the most common negative actions taken by Google is on websites who have been hacked. Typically, the first step is a warning sign under the website in Google’s search engine result pages, if the hack remains un-touched, Google can remove your website from its search engine result pages. If that happens, you have to repair the hack, and in many cases submit a re-inclusion request or review.

How much does it cost to remove a Google penalty?

The cost to remove a Google penalty varies. The fee is dependent on the scope of work, and the scope of the penalty. For example, if a website has millions of links that need to be reviewed, removed or disavowed, it can be quite costly. Also, algorithm-based penalties cost less than manual actions as you do not typically have to file a reconsideration request. 

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