Hack Removal & Google Reinclusion

Website Hack Removal, Google Review & Reconsideration

This website may be hacked…

Look familiar? When your website is hacked, Google will take measures to protect search engine users from viewing it. That includes adding a message like the one above, or even worse, removing the offending website from their search engine result pages until the hack has been repaired and reviewed by Google to determine measures have been taken to ensure the website is less likely to be hacked again.

This Website May Have Been Hacked

According to Google, in 2015 alone, they’ve seen a 300% increase in hacked website reconsideration requests!

Don’t wait! If your website has been hacked and is still included in Google’s search results, we can remove the hack, patch the exploit, and have the “This site may be hacked” removed. If your website has been hacked and removed from Google’s search engine result pages – we can help, too.

Website Hack Removal & Google Reconsideration Service

  1. Identify Patterns of Hack
  2. Identify Exploit
  3. Patch & Remove Hack
  4. Setup Security Monitoring
  5. Request Review/Reconsideration to Google

When you hire Sean Hakes Consulting for your website hack removal, we will guarantee you that we will patch and remove the hack as well as have your website reincluded in Google’s search engine result pages. Additionally, we will fully guarantee your website is hack free for six months after the repair.

Don’t wait: If your website has been hacked, and your being penalized by Google for it, we can help! Call Sean Hakes Consulting at 720-519-0744.

Are you ready?

In order to have your website fixed as quickly as possible, please be ready to provide us with the following credentials:

  1. Website Administrator Login
  2. Web Hosting Access (FTP/Root/SSH/MySQL)

Need help? No sweat, we can walk you through how to get access to what we need! Call us at 720-519-0744.

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