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How much should I pay for a domain name?

If you’re like most, finding a decent available domain name is a lot like finding a needle in a haystack. Domains with less than 5 characters are pretty much impossible to find without numbers, random letters, or hyphens. When I started AAERO Aviation I knew I wanted a short, easy to remember domain name. I thought would be perfect for that. Unfourently, at the time was owned by a premium domain holder and the asking price was around $5,000. As a startup that price didn’t make sense, so I went ahead and put my negotiation skills to work and was able to convenience the domain holder to sell the domain name to me for around $2,200.

How do you evaluate the value of the domain name? Here are a few things that I look at:

  • Lenght of Domain (i.e. vs. // the shorter the domain, the more valuable).
  • TLD (.com’s are traditionally more valuable than .net, .biz., .org etc)
  • The age of the domain name without drops (older is better)
  • The link portfolio (Was the domain used to spam Google search in the past? If so, might cost more to fix then what it’s worth.)
  • Does the domain contain random numbers, hyphens or letters?
  • Is the domain name an exact match domain? (i.e. vs.
  • Does the domain name have a website up on it? Does it already rank well in Google, Yahoo and/or Bing?

All of these things, including the popularity of the search term that is in the domain name, can be considered in the cost of a domain name. When in doubt, consult a domain name broker. Whether you’ve got a great domain name you want to sell, or you’re thinking of acquiring the right domain for your perfect business idea – I can help. Contact me to learn more.

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