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There’s an old joke in our industry — how do you know an SEO is spamming? When you can&#8

SEO Hats Explained – White, Gray & Black Hat SEO

A Search Engine Optimization Practitioner optimizes websites for the sole purpose of increasing ranki

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If you were the General Manager of an NFL franchise who was tasked with finding a new head coach &#82

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I get asked on a daily basis: how do I learn search engine optimization?  I’ve been at it for

What is the Wayback Machine?

The Wayback Machine, also known as the Internet Time Machine is a digital archive of the internet tha

Study shows 80% of Google Home results come from snippets

First, for those who don’t know what Google Home is, it’s a lot like Amazon’s Alexa

SEO News: Google Announces Website Speed as Ranking Factor in July 2018 Update

Tools: Think With Google – Site Speed # TRANSCRIPTION # Hey everyone, Sean Hakes here from Sean

SEO Training in Denver

I couldn’t be more excited to announce our new SEO Training in Denver. In early Feb, I will be

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## TRANSCRIPTION ## Hello, my name is Sean Hakes. Welcome to the WordPress 101 Tutorial

Tutorial: How to Access Your WordPress Dashboard

Logging into the WordPress dashboard may seem like a simple task. Many WordPress website owners have