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Project Files: 5280 Junk Removal

I enjoy building out new projects. Junk Removal is an industry I’ve worked with directly, and in-directly for quite some time. The purpose of this project was to gauge how long one might expect SEO to kick in for a semi-competitive local search term like ‘Junk Removal Denver.’

Let’s dive in

Domain Acquisition Date: 5/7/2016
Website Completion Date:  6/23/2017
1st Page Rankings: TBD sat dormant for 473 days before launching our first, basic website. The official website launched happened on 8/23/2017 which 87 days ago from today – that’s when the SEO started. Since the launch, I’ve put very little effort into off-site optimization. Most of what I’ve done was some basic on-page elements which helped this domain catapult from non-existent rankings to almost 1st page rankings for some pretty competitive keywords. Overall improvements for monitored keywords is about 392 positions while  Google Search Console shows impression growth from about 60 impressions a day 90 days ago to about 300 per day today.

Once this website lands on the 1st page – this domain name & website will be available to rent, or to purchase.

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