Reputation Management

The internet grants anonymity to users, and while anonymity affords freedom on the internet, it also means anyone can attack your name and reputation without worrying about the consequences. Managing your online reputation has never been more important to your name or company, and Sean Hakes has helped pioneer online reputation management and reputation SEO.

The Right Team for Reputation Management

Choosing the right firm or company to manage your online reputation is a critical choice. Choosing the wrong company is throwing good money away and could harm your online reputation even more. Sean has been at the forefront of search engine optimization since 2001 and has helped restore the good name of his clients. Sean has the experience, references, reviews, and testimonials that can fit any reputation management case or problem.

The Right Steps in Reputation Management

When your reputation is attacked, asking Google for content removal is not the only step to take and often is one of the least successful types of reputation SEO. Sean believes in a multi-pronged approach to online reputation management that uses reverse SEO, positive content, reputation litigation, and public relations. Sean has been appointed an SEO expert witness by federal courts and can act on your behalf in the courtroom if necessary.

A Little More About Reverse SEO

Sean has pioneered the use of reverse SEO in online reputation management. Where traditional SEO aims to push search results to highly visible spots like page one, reverse SEO uses a variety of techniques to push negative results into the bowels of search results where they’re much more difficult to see and find.

Deciding if Reputation SEO is Right for You

Sean Hakes Consulting has helped their clients restore their good name including celebrities, politicians, and other prominent figures and they want to help restore your reputation too. If your online reputation and good name are being dragged around, don’t wait another day while damage spreads. Head to the contact pages or give me a call to see how we can help your online reputation.