Revenge SEO

Revenge SEO is the process of optimizing an unflattering web page or pages with the sole purpose of harming one’s reputation. This process can identify and rank existing content, or new content.

Most Common Revenge SEO Tactics

  • Building a branded revenge website
    Using a branded URL (i.e.,,,, etc)
  • Optimizing Existing Content
    Do you and/or your brand have unflattering content published to the web? Revenge SEO leverages a form of SEO to improve the visibility of the harmful content and to enduce harm, or embarrassment.

Revenge SEO makes it easy for potential customers, employers, or anyone else who might be seeking information about a particular person or brand to discover ‘skeletons’.

Revenge SEO vs. Reputation Management

The core difference between Revenge SEO and Reputation Management:

  1. Revenge SEO leverages SEO to rank unflattering content in Google. This could any form of content from articles, websites, images, videos and more.
  2. Reputation Management is the suppression negative content that is not fuled by a counter SEO program.

I Am a Victim of Revenge SEO, What Can I Do?

If you think you’re the victim of Revenge SEO please contact me for a free, confidential review. After several minutes I’ll be able to determine if you’re under a Revenge SEO Attack, or you simply need reputation management. If you’re under a Revenge SEO Attack, I’ll give you some options on how you can respond to the attack.

Can Negative Content Be Removed?

99% of Reputation Management providers focus on content suppression. Content suppression does and can work but in most cases, the content can come back, especially if Revenge SEO is involved. At Sean Hakes Consulting, we first look at whether or not the offending content can be removed. In many cases, if a website is being used to defame or embarrass an individual we can get the site removed from Google, and in some cases, permanently. We have a lot of tools in our toolbox thanks to 20 years of experience combating revenge SEO.

How Fast Does Revenge SEO Defense Take?

Each case is different and it really depends on how sophisticated the revenge SEO attack is. Expect to invest 6-12 months. Some cases take less time, others take more.

Feeling motivated? Email me @ sean (@) to learn more.