Reverse SEO™

Reverse SEO™ is just as it sounds. It’s the proprietary process of suppressing unwanted websites, images, or videos in Google search.

Reverse SEO™ is one of the many standalone services built into our Reputation SEO™ offering. It’s one of the many proprietary processes created by Sena Hakes in 2010 that drastically improves how quickly negative content can be suppressed in Google.

Reputation SEO™ vs. Reverse SEO™

In theory, Reputation SEO™ and Reverse SEO™ have the same mission. The biggest difference between the two offerings is Reputation SEO™ encompasses a broad approach to suppressing negative content in the search engines which includes press, content marketing, aggressive link development, and other strategies. Reverse SEO™ targets the source content itself. Adding Reverse SEO™ to a Reputation SEO™ campaign is a lot adding nitrous oxide to your care before the big race.

How much does Reverse SEO™ cost?

In order to give you an accurate price for Reverse SEO™ services we’d need to analyze the targeted website, domain, content etc. Each website is different and the reason for it’s visibility in search has many different factors. In theory, be prepared to spend a minimum of $1,000 per month for this service.

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