SEO Detox

SEO Detox

If you’ve hired one or more search engine optimization firms, and your website still doesn’t seem to rank well in Google, you may need an SEO detox.

When a website performs poorly in Google, the first thing most SEO companies do is claim the website needs more links, when in fact it’s the opposite.

Let’s take my website, as an example. It has a plethora of very poor backlinks. The domain, was owned by someone other than me. About six months ago, I was able to convince them to sell the domain back to me which I originally purchased in 2004.

Before I built new links, I knew that I had to first clean up the link portfolio. Most of the links that point to, I don’t have control over, and that’s okay. Google gives us tools that allow us to disavow them which essentially tells Google that we don’t want credit for those links (negative or positive).

Here’s what happened to this domain, when an SEO detox was performed:

As you can see, this site was once getting very little traffic. During that time I was actively working on my SEO. Around Jan of 2018 I had identified the domains that were very spammy and/or in one way, shape, or form violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. After SEO detox was completed, my website’s rankings shot up. The organic traffic to this website is valued at $77,400/mo if I was paying for it through Google AdWords.

How do I get started with an SEO detox? 

  1. Request a Website Review: In order to determine if an SEO detox is right for you, please call me at 720-519-0744.
  2. If your website qualifies for an SEO detox, we will provide you with an SEO detox proposal. If you agree to our fees, we’ll continue to the next phase.
  3. Research: During the research phase of the SEO detox we’ll run several different, in-depth link audits. From there we will analyze each website that poses a potential issue from either being spammy or having potential algorithmic or manual actions for violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  4. Finally, once all of the links have been evaluated we will submit a disavow and monitor progress.

How long does the SEO detox process take?

While we cannot give you an exact time-frame, we can tell you about the SEO detox we’ve done, most websites show substantial growth within about 30 to 60 days. In our experience, SEO detox takes effect much quicker than an SEO campaign.

How much does an SEO detox cost?

The SEO detox cost depends on how many links we need to review and submit for disavow. Expect an investment of $500 to $50,000+ (for larger enterprise websites) for a complete detox.

Need more? Shoot me an email at [email protected] or call me at 720-519-0744 to see if an SEO detox is right for you.