Start an SEO Business

Start an SEO Business

Sean Hakes, Independent SEO Consultant and Founder & CEO of Altitude SEO.

Hello, my name is Sean Hakes. I’m a 16 year SEO veteran who has created more than 15 businesses including three highly-successful digital marketing agencies. Currently, I serve as the Founder and CEO of Altitude SEO, a Colorado-based advanced level search engine optimization, and digital marketing consulting agency.

Are you ready for a career change? Whether you’re looking to MAKE A KILLING freelancing as a search engine optimization expert, or you’re thinking of adding SEO as a product to your existing offerings, or you’re simply looking to jump into one of the world’s fastest growing industries, I’d love to help!

First, lets talk about the numbers…

  • The SEO industry is estimated to be valued at $72 BILLION and $79 BILLION by 2020! [ source ]
  • Average Hourly Rate – $150 [ source ] or $75-$200/hr range.
  • Average Monthly Retainer – $500 – $5000 [ source ]

If that doesn’t get you pumped, I’m not sure what would. As an independent search engine optimization expert, with just a handful of clients, and hard work – you could easily reach $100K to $200K/year in income, working from the comfort of your home. As an agency, you could also easily add seven figures of recurring revenue to your bottom line with a little hard work, and dedication.

Ready to start a career in SEO?

I am incredibly passionate about search engine optimization. It has not only created a nice life for my family, and my team, we’ve done some huge things for our clients and made many new millionires  – no joke! Whether you’re considering starting up a freelance SEO business, or you’re thinking of adding SEO as a service to your offering, and doing it right – let’s talk! I can be reached at 303-731-6588 or [email protected] Also, take a peak at my SEO Training/Coaching Courses.

What you need to know about SEO

Everyone is an “SEO” but very few people actually are. When you hire me to help jumpstart your SEO offering, you’ll get access to over 16 years of professional, advanced, and technical SEO experience.

Learn more about adding SEO to your existing service offering…

Are you thinking about adding search engine optimization to your existing services? From training, hiring, pricing, planning and deployment, I can help you successfully launch an award winning SEO service designed to grow your business and retain and grow your clients.