What are the best tools for SEO?

I utilize a lot of different tools to accomplish a lot of different SEO tasks. Some tools are better at offering more accurate traffic estimates, others are better digging on technical SEO opportunities, while others deliver more robust, and accurate link evaluations. While the term best is subjective, there are defiantly some clear leaders. Here’s a list of the tools that I tend to rely on more when it comes to SEO.

Link Research & Detox: Link Research Tools®

Currently, I, as well as my agency, utilize various tools that work great for specific missions. For an example; Link Research Tools® (LRT), Link Detox is the only tool I trust when it comes to advanced link research and detox. According to their website, LRT combines link-data from 25 sources. Once the tool collects the data, it re-crawls and verifies the link data for you.

Competitive Intelligence: SEMRush

When it comes to competitive intelligence, and traffic estimations, I tend to rely more on SEMRush.com. SEMRush delivers a clean, concise way to evaluate traffic, sources, links and more from a simple to use dashboard.

Technical SEO Audits: Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider is an incredibly powerful and useful tool. The desktop powered tool allows you to easily find broken links, analyze page titles and metadata, generate XML Sitemaps, discover duplicate content, find robot directive errors, measure, and repair issues caused by various header code errors, redirects and more.

Up and Coming: Alexa.com

I’ve used Alexa off and on for many years. It wasn’t until recently that I started to get excited about what Alexa.com could be. The new agency tool is clean, accurate and delivers a simple to follow dashboard that even the tech-savvy illiterate can navigate with ease.

I started primarily using the Alexa.com tool during pre-sales. It’s an easy tool to put in front of a client and not have their eyes glaze over.

Recently I was quoted in an article about how Alexa.com has helped my agency. During the conversation, I mentioned that my agency had to subscribe to various tools for reasons stated above.

If I had it my way, it would be perfect if someone would come up with a reliable service that combines all the necessary tools to run a complete SEO campaign. While there are a few that are close, Alexa.com could be the one who does it.