Why SEO Cost Less in Smaller Markets

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SEO like other advertising mediums cost are driven by demand. Smaller markets result in less competitors competing for a specific keyword or keyword groups. Because of that, SEO requires less effort in smaller markets driving the cost down significantly.

At Sean Hakes Consulting, we base our pricing on competition, market and industry. Unlike other SEO consultants, this allows us to be more competitive with our pricing and more accurate with our expectations.

Sean Hakes

Sean Hakes is an industry-leading SEO expert with over 19 years of experience helping some of today's largest brands online. Sean Hakes specializes in SEO Reputation Management, DMCA Takedowns, Ad Policy Violation Takedowns, Link Audits, Negative SEO Recovery, Google Penalty Recover, and more. Sean Hakes currently serves as a partner, and Chief Marketing Officer for Colorado-based, Nuclear Networking.

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