YouTube Marketing

YouTube has 2 billion users globally and is the SECOND most popular social media platform, and second largest search engine. A staggering 79% of internet users say they have a YouTube account.

In the marketing space, eight out of ten (78.8%) marketers consider YouTube to be the most effective advertising platform for video while Facebook comes at less impressive 58.5%.

At Sean+Hakes, we have some amazing solutions to build your YouTube audience and visibility with both paid, and organic channel and video optimization.

Whether you want to become an aspiring YouTuber or simply want to leverage YouTube as a way to generate more traffic and customers for your business, we can help!

Here’s an example of how YouTube Channel Optimization works:

Recently, we put together a quick video on an electric scooter known as the Speedway Leger by Minimotors. The goal was to get the YouTube video itself ranked for terms like ‘Speedway Leger, or Speedway Leger Reviews,’ etc. The video was uploaded to one of our channels on May 23rd and in a very short amount of time picked up close to 10,000 views. The primary keywords driving traffic to the video are, of course, Speedway Leger and Speedway Leger review. If we were ‘affiliate marketers’ this would be a tremendous way to capture affiliate income. Here’s the video!

There are a lot of ways to market your YouTube channel but here are the two most effective:

Organic Channel or Video Optimization:

Like SEO, you can also optimize a video and/or channel to rank well on YouTube for various terms specific to the channel and/or videos. This is how many YouTubers become famous over time and monetize their channels.

YouTube Ads

Another effective way to promote your channel or videos is through YouTube Ads. Ads like pre-roll ads are generally pretty inexpensive and a great way to target your perfect audience.

As your YouTube channel grows you’ll want to put in place a moderation strategy to ensure spam bots and trolls alike don’t tear down the quality of your channel or videos.

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