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Reputation SEO™ // Remove Unwanted Content from Google

Sometimes, things just have to go… Finding unflattering information at the forefront of Google

Rent A Website™ How to Make Money Ranking and Renting Websites – Part I

One of my favorite passive income sources is ‘rank & rent’ websites. I created the Re

Can Negative SEO Work for Reputation Management?

Negative SEO, typically is a process that involves building tens of thousands of spammy links to a pa

For Sale:

Thank you for your interest in! I started this project around three to four months

Does Negative SEO Still Work?

Negative SEO is a process that typically entails pointing a large amount of low-quality spam links to

Business Opportunity:

Over the past six months, I’ve been building out I acquired the domain name

Google Bug Aug 10, 2020

On August 10th, 2020 at roughly 4:00 P.M. MST just about every SEO around the globe feared their care

The Father of SEO

Five months ago I had the opportunity to speak at the B2B Marketing Expo in Los Angeles, CA on Search

CBD eCommerce Mini-Case Study

eCommerce is one of my favorite SEO tasks. I enjoy how easy it is to track efforts and the direct imp

Five Ways You Might Be a Black Hat SEO…

The term Black Hat SEO is probably one of the most overused terms in the world of SEO. Individuals an